// Moving to Barcelona… You Had Me at Picasso//

Moving to Barcelona… You Had Me at Picasso #Newblog


I’m here, I’ve landed and I’m starting to acclimatise! It’s mid-October and the beaches are choca-block, because that’s right boys and girls the sun is shining here in Barcelona.

It was a shaky start. My taxi driver from the airport knew no English, I knew no Spanish. He didn’t have a clue where I wanted to go even with a map and a full address, neither did I. *Sigh* I should be grateful he…

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// The Next Chapter//

The Next Chapter #NewBlog


I’ve been back on UK soil for two and a half months. Even before I landed I knew I was going to have to do some work to successfully ‘detravel’ without letting the fear set in. By fear I mean allowing old fears to come back, the sadness that my globe trotting had come to an end and the ‘what the hell am I going to do next’ fear. You know what it’s like when you get home from a mindblowingly good…

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// Inspirational Travellers - Part 2//

Inspirational Travellers - Part 2 #NewBlog #Travel #Wanderlust #LP

Mountain_Latin America

Sometimes, someone in life lands right in your path and completely blows your mind. Harold is one of these people and he did this with all he’s achieved, the lessons he’s learned and his outlook and demeanour. A world explorer, in the true sense of the phrase, he’s been pretty much everywhere. Anywhere he hasn’t been is on his list.


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// Pirate Dreams… A Life at Sea//

Pirate Dreams… A Life at Sea #Travel #Newblog

Solent sunset

When I reached South Africa, back in April, I started feeling slightly panicked about my return to a land-locked home town. I always knew I loved the sea but throughout my travels I began to realise I needed it. The sea makes me feel calm, content and ultimately happy. A much nicer person to be around. Reading isn’t very close to the sea… well not by UK standards anyway. So what could I do to…

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// Inspirational Travellers - Part 1//

Inspirational Travellers - Part 1 #newblog #travel


The beauty of travel is not only the places you see, the experiences you have but also the people you meet. Such a cliché, but clichés are clichés for a reason and they’re usually bloody accurate. I met more than my fair share of little gems on the road, many that I wish I could pick up and stick in my rucksack (my recent trip to an osteopath tells me this isn’t a good idea).

This series of blog…

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// It’s a London Thing//

Blogging: It’s a London Thing #Travel

London eye_photo_London

I’ve spent some time doing the tourist thing, but this time in my home city and it’s all because of a young Indonesian boy I met on a bus.


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// The Magic of Rio de Janeiro//

Blogging: The Magic of Rio de Janeiro #Travel


Oh Rio, wonderful Rio! I had high hopes for this city which is partly why I made it my final destination. I knew it had to keep myself stimulated or mind would have completely drifted back home to the UK and I’d be wasting the final stretch of my epic adventure. Well what’s not to love about a city that has it all! Beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, bold art, smiley people and a whole lot of…

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// Travelling through Brazil… Iguassu Falls, Paraty & Ihla Grande//

Blogging: Travelling through Brazil… Iguassu Falls, Paraty & Ihla Grande #Travel


Now firmly in Brazil and really, really trying to stop using my Spanglish and embrace the Portuguese language, we left The Panatanal. It was time to explore a little bit more of this vast country, that promised us warmth, better food and proper beds. I can’t lie, Bolivia had been tough – breathtaking but basic. Being properly in Brazil was thrilling, especially as throughout my travels there’d…

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// Wilderness…A Quintessentially English Festival//

Wilderness, circus

Ahh festivals, the only time it’s completely fine as an adult to wander around in fancy dress all weekend. Never will you see so many straight men, faces artistically adorned with glitter and wearing the most outrageous psychedelic leggings. I bloody love it! It’s a great opportunity to embrace your inner child, get into character and be whoever the hell you want to be. Wilderness did not…

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// Ibiza: Has it Been Done?//

Blogging about Ibiza. Has it Been Done?

Club, Ibiza

After winging my way around the world for a year I landed back in England, caught up with a few nearest and dearest but before I had time to unpack I was back on a plane and heading to ‘The White Isle’. A completely last minute thing, a friend had won tickets to Radio One’s weekend in Ibiza and asked me to join her and I thought why the hell not.

I’ve been asked many times if Ibiza is a bit…

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