// The Magic of Rio de Janeiro//

Blogging: The Magic of Rio de Janeiro #Travel


Oh Rio, wonderful Rio! I had high hopes for this city which is partly why I made it my final destination. I knew it had to keep myself stimulated or mind would have completely drifted back home to the UK and I’d be wasting the final stretch of my epic adventure. Well what’s not to love about a city that has it all! Beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, bold art, smiley people and a whole lot of…

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// Travelling through Brazil… Iguassu Falls, Paraty & Ihla Grande//

Blogging: Travelling through Brazil… Iguassu Falls, Paraty & Ihla Grande #Travel


Now firmly in Brazil and really, really trying to stop using my Spanglish and embrace the Portuguese language, we left The Panatanal. It was time to explore a little bit more of this vast country, that promised us warmth, better food and proper beds. I can’t lie, Bolivia had been tough – breathtaking but basic. Being properly in Brazil was thrilling, especially as throughout my travels there’d…

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// Wilderness…A Quintessentially English Festival//

Wilderness, circus

Ahh festivals, the only time it’s completely fine as an adult to wander around in fancy dress all weekend. Never will you see so many straight men, faces artistically adorned with glitter and wearing the most outrageous psychedelic leggings. I bloody love it! It’s a great opportunity to embrace your inner child, get into character and be whoever the hell you want to be. Wilderness did not…

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// Ibiza: Has it Been Done?//

Blogging about Ibiza. Has it Been Done?

Club, Ibiza

After winging my way around the world for a year I landed back in England, caught up with a few nearest and dearest but before I had time to unpack I was back on a plane and heading to ‘The White Isle’. A completely last minute thing, a friend had won tickets to Radio One’s weekend in Ibiza and asked me to join her and I thought why the hell not.

I’ve been asked many times if Ibiza is a bit…

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// Depression//

Blogging about Depression


There are a lot of sad people in the world today. Many are mourning the loss of an institution, Robin Williams, who allegedly committed suicide after losing a battle to depression. Many of those people may never have been touched by the black smoggy cloud that is depression but I’ll bet many have. An overriding theme appearing across the social networks is that we must talk about it more. It…

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// Home Time: Flying to the UK//

Home Time: Flying to the UK

sunset pantanal 2

I left the UK shaky legged and teary eyed a year ago this week. I checked into a Bangkok hotel, leaving my job, my friends, my family, my home, my life all to become a solo traveller. I only had one goal and that was to explore the world. Well as much of the world as I could fit into a year. I never really expected to get this far, in more ways than one. To say it’s been life changing is selling…

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// Brazil: Shakira the Horse & Fishing for Piranhas//

Blogging: Brazil. Shakira the Horse & Fishing for Piranhas #Travel


Brazil, Brazil I’m in bloody Brazil, hosts of this year’s World Cup. Oh and what day did I land, yes that’s right the day after Brazil got a history making thrashing from the Germans. 7:1. Oh what a joyous day to land in a country famed for their big smiles. What’s that… riots, a country in morning, misery filled streets as the proud hosts of 2014s World Cup got an utter pasting on the field of…

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// Sucre, Rock Climbing and Civilisation//

Blogging: Sucre, Rock Climbing and Civilisation #Travel #Bolivia

rock climbing

After being dusty, freezing and hungry for days Sucre and its beautiful flower filled streets were a blessing. Hot water. The showers had actual running hot water! The lama print leggings with fur lining were peeled off my legs and everything I owned weighed in a backstreet launderette for deep cleansing. There was a Levi shop next to our hotel, Hotel Independence, and the desire to leave my…

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// Bolivia’s Salt Flats and Blockades//

Blogging: Bolivia’s Salt Flats and Blockades #Travel

salt flats

We were woken up in the remote sleepy town of Uyuni to news of riots in La Paz and a blockade about to take place right where we’d spent the night. The plan was to head out to Bolivia’s salt flats that morning but if we weren’t quick we’d be spending at least another few long days and nights in this deserted, dust filled empty town. Panic followed as a number of taxi drivers were found to get us…

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// San Pedro, La Paz: The Most Fascinating Prison in the World//

Blogging: San Pedro, La Paz: The Most Fascinating Prison in the World


Stood in a leafy square in the centre of La Paz drenched in sunlight it was hard to believe one of the most notorious prisons of our time was only metres away. The gate was in spitting distance and a swarm of dirty looking men roamed just behind the bars all waiting for tourists to enter their domain. San Pedro prison shot to fame in the book Marching Powderwhere British drug trafficker Thomas…

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